Mont Blanc
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    Av. Maurílio Biagi, 1577 - Ribeirão Preto
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Events and conventions

Mont Blanc Premium building offers modular rooms for up to 500 people with all the audio, video and lighting infrastructure so that you can successfully organize your event, convention and meeting with all comfort and sophistication.


Our rooms rely on broad-band internet and wi-fi network in all areas. We offer the best option to put together the success of your event with our comfort and convenience. Besides, our privileged location facilitates the access to the main points of the city.


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  • Room capacity
  • Chamonix floor plan Torino & Genebra floor plan


    Salas U Auditório Escolar ou
    Esp. Peixe
    Banquete Meia Lua Coquetel Pé direito Largura Comprimento Área Quadrada
    CHAMONIX LADO A + B 64 480 168 250 224 400 3,40m 14,24m 30,50m 434,5m²
    CHAMONIX LADO A 32 240 84   112 100 3,40m 14,24m 15,25m 217,25m²
    CHAMONIX B 32 240 84   112 100 3,40m 14,24m 15,25m 217,25m²
    TORINO 16 60 28 30 25 50 3,00m 7,06m 10m 70,65m²
    GENEBRA 20 77 40 35 30 65 3,00m 9,19m 9,71m 89,30m²
    MEZANINO CHAMONIX              3,00m 9,19m 9,71m  125m² 
    MEZANINO GENEBRA E TORINO              3,00m 6,56m   11,74m 77,00m²
    RESTAURANTE - - - 150 - - 3,00m   14,24m  22,21m 358m² 
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    5-star hotel with rooms for events and conventions in Ribeirão Preto

    Av. Maurílio Biagi, 1577 - Ribeirânia / CEP - 14096-075 - Ribeirão Preto / SP / Brasil